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Reproduction and Politics (1): Idaho and Georgia Want to Ban Abortion Based on Gender or Race

March 21, 2010

Idaho and Georgia Want to Ban Abortion Based on Gender or Race

Lawmakers in Idaho want to make it illegal to have an abortion based on race- or gender-related reasons. Georgia, too, is expected to vote on a bill that would make performing an abortion based on those same reasons a felony, which fellow Women’s RIghts blogger Pema Levypointed out would intimidate providers into not offering abortions to any women of color. These bills disturb me, not only because they represent another encroachment on a woman’s right to choose, but because they deals with the unpleasant business of making certain thoughts — not actions — worse than others.

Think about it. Two women of the same age, same race, same socio-economic background, who are each 16 weeks pregnant by their respective boyfriends, can walk into a clinic and request an abortion. The first woman’s choice is honored, no problem. The second woman is declined and told she will be forced to remain pregnant against her will because she said she didn’t want to have a son. The only difference between the two women is their thoughts — yet, legally, whatever the first woman’s reason happens to be is legitimate, while that of the second is not.


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  1. Crystal Ludwick permalink
    March 21, 2010 10:05 pm

    The problem with this is in the first sentence ” Law makers decided” Who are our law makers? A bunch of old white men. Since when can we not make decisions for ourselves? I don’t them to decided my own decisions. I do not think that abortion in moral but who am I to say what you can do with your body? I cant and neither should they. No matter if it is just abortion or in the case of the article based on race and gender. In reference to the article… what kind of person are you if you want to kill your baby because you did not want a boy? The kind of person that doesn’t deserved to be blessed by a child.

  2. Arnold Jawahir permalink
    March 22, 2010 3:30 pm

    This article shows how much of an involvement that the government has in women rights. It identifies that women are not really given the choice to choose for themselves. Abortion is something that has been performed for thousands of years. Lawmakers are controlling what women decide to do with their lives and this shows that the government and of course the church which is not represented in this article but it still plays a big role in the rights of women. They do not allow women to decide for themselves which is proof that men still have the majority of control in politics and church which is what the United States is based upon.

  3. Tevis permalink
    March 22, 2010 5:56 pm

    Not only is the fact that men are deciding whats best for women, ridiculous, its degrading. At what point is a woman in control of her body, her thoughts, her lifecourse? I find it interesting that the issue of class isnt pulled to the center of the discussion. There is a direct link between class and availability of resourses to in form, educate, prevent, or any thing that equals a healthy sex concept. The fact that 16 year olds are in the position to determine whether or not life should be given or taken away is a sreious issue in my book. Are the parents absent from the discussion? Are the parents making the decision for the child? I’m always amazed at the disregard for human life that is obvious in the decision making process of a decision to abort a pregnancy. That point is futhered by all of the discussion about is it a human yet at so many weeks! As if it starts out as someting else and then turns into a human at some point. Thats the type of rhetoric that comes in to justify actions that otherwise may have been viewed as immoral. Don’t get me wrong, ultimately, I am pro choice,a woman has the ultimate decision as to whether or not she wants to igve birth or not. The issue I have is the way things are set up in society where there is not enough accurate information given out to teens in regard to sex and its consequences. The decision as to what children are taught about sex are determined by the same men who have decided who can have abortions! They dont want to teach safe sex, they don’t want you pregnant, then they dont want you to have abortions either.

  4. Lakesha Smith permalink
    March 24, 2010 1:15 am

    It doesnt seem to me that women and men have the same equal rights. Especially in the article it stated the “Law mkers decided” Now who gives them the authority and Y? Y is it fair for quote unquote lawmakers to decide. I just dont understand that theory at all. First I will say i am pro choice and a woman should be able to decide on what she wants to do with her life, now if it’s the right thing or the wrong thing it’s not our decision to decide. Roe VS Wade became about in 1973 and for whatever reason persons are still arent acceptable of this. A 16 year old is able to make pro life decisions and nothing is wrong with that, it’s an individual’s choice and its there right.Abortions isnt a thing of the new century, they been going on for years and will be for years to come, it’s just now person’s are more open with it.

  5. Derek Falk permalink
    March 28, 2010 2:28 am

    Seeing the states this law is coming from, it doesn’t surprise me. I wish we could really put this issue to rest as a country. I think for gender, people will just have to be more careful about the way the phrase it when they seek an abortion. As far as race, I’m not quite clear what the article means. When a woman says, “I don’t want this baby because it is black”??? That seems rather odd. However, as it states, the issue will end up marginalizing women of color in the abortion debate even more so than before.

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